Welcome to MPLADS

(Member Of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme)

(Web Enabled Software for MPLADS)

                   The developmental works suggested by Hon’ble MPs under Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme are monitored through this software. The details of each work suggested by the MP is collected and monitored using this software. (as per the Annexure).

                    There are two modules - MPLADS Works Entry and MPLADS Reports.

                    MPLADS Works Entry - Module is for the district authorities,  they can enter the works related data and generate reports. It is password protected and each district can enter data related to their own district only.

                   MPLADS Reports - Module is for general Public. Anyone can access this and view the MPLADS reports generated here.

How to use MPLADS Works Entry -

          1. Click on MPLADS Works Entry.

          2. Select the State Using Pull Down Menu.

          3. Select the District Using Pull Down Menu.

          4. Enter Password

Another Screen Opens Up when the User is authenticated.

          5. Select LS or RS 

If LS (Lok Sabha ) is selected

          6. Select House Number Using Pull down Menu.

          7. Select Constituency using Pull down Menu. Nodal district and name of MP appears on the screen.

If RS (Rajya Sabha) is selected

          6.  Select Name of MP using Pull Down Menu. Nodal District is Displayed.

           Now you have to enter data in Works Master and Works Monthly. Data in Works Master is to be entered only when the proposal is received from the MP and is sanctioned etc. Data in works Monthly has to be entered every month till work gets completed. Defnition of Completed is :

        A work is considered as Completed when the Physical Progress is 100%, Utilisation certificate is received and refund if any, is returned.

You can generate predefined reports such as :

          1.  List of  Works Completed,

          2.  List of Works Not Yet Started ,

          3.  List of Works Ongoing,

          4.  List of Works Discontinued and

          5.  List of Works Delayed.

How to Use MPLADS Reports -

This has three categories of  be viewed :

          1. MP wise/ Constituency wise Reports

             If LS (Lok Sabha) is selected :

             If RS (Rajya Sabha) is selected

          a. List of  Works Completed

          b. List of Works Not Yet Started

          c. List of Works Ongoing

          d. List of Works Discontinued and

          e. List of Works Delayed.

          2.  State wise summary of Sector wise Scheme wise works.

          3.  All India summary of Sector wise works.

            If Data is not available for any given period, it will display "No records found". Then please try for any other period.

( For any queries kindly send e-mail at mplads@nic.in )